What Makes Us Different From Other Homeschool Support Groups 

The philosophy of Central's Homeschool Support Group is to support homeschool families in the Charlotte area as they seek to answer the Lord's call to invest in their families in this special way. We know that without Christ we can do nothing, but the Lord also gave us each other for a reason. 


Greater Purpose

People choose to homeschool for many different reasons. Some of us want our children to have excellent manners. Some of us want to keep our children from being tainted from the world until they are ready to stand boldly for Christ. Many of us hope our kids grow into men and women known for their integrity. But one common thread among our group members is that we each feel a call from God to mold the characters of our children to reflect the image of Christ. Academics are essential but they aren't everything. We have a greater purpose. For more information about what Central Church believes, please click here.


Family Focused

There are so many things available to the homeschool community now, it is easy to get too plugged in and find yourself missing out on the family time that is so essential to homeschooling. We offer a number of activities throughout the year for the entire family. During this season of raising our children, it can be overwhelming to regularly have a play date for each child. But when we bring families together, we have an opportunity to foster and enjoy fellowship on many different levels. 


Relationship Driven 


CHSG stands out from other support groups simply because we believe that support happens between friends. Some may be hesitant to participate in activities when they're not sure who will be there. We want our group to be a community of believers who genuinely enjoy one another's company, so we are always looking for ways to encourage the building of relationships within our group.


Serious About Serving

Because our group is a co-op, its functionality hinges on all members throwing their gifts and talents into the pot to serve in some way. We don't want this service to be a burden to anyone; we believe that when everyone plays an active role, our tasks are a joy. Not only do we want to serve our fellow group members, but we also want to make an effort to serve the community around us. We hope to offer service opportunites for all members of the group. Some will be for teens only, while others will include the entire family. The most compelling example to ever exist -- the Messiah, on His hands and knees, washing His disciples’ feet -- lets us know that we need to be serious about serving. 


We Get It

In CHSG we have families who have homeschooled since birth, others who will soon be empty nesters, and even a few folks just beginning their homeschool journey. With such a diverse population, we have a great opportunity to spread our knowledge and experiences among our group. Let's be real. Homeschooling can be very challenging. A tough day can sometimes be turned around by simply sitting with another parent and hearing how normal your struggles actually are. To that end, we have someone serving as an encourager, offering homeschooling advice for parents at any point in their journey. 

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